About the Trombleys’


Charles Trombley, for many years, was a leader in the Jehovah’s Witness having been raised on the teachings of Charles Russell, the founder, until a miracle healing resulted in his “invitation” to leave the movement. A short time later he received the baptism in the Holy Spirit making him one of the first members in the Charismatic awakening.

Because he was apprehended by the Lord Jesus Christ through that miracle the Lord told him: “What I have done in your life will be a pattern that I’ll repeat many times as you minister to others.”

His articles have appeared in leading periodicals. He published The Sword of the Spirit teaching paper and directs Charles Trombley Ministries, the mission association through which his ministry functions. He has a B.A. from Immanuel Baptist College, a M.A. from Luther Rice Seminary and an honorary D.D. from Kingsway Theological Seminary.

He has been a guest on many national TV programs, spoken at conferences and camp meetings across the USA and internationally. He worked closely with the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship and spoke at more than 1,000 of their meetings and conventions. He directed Victory Bible Institute (Tulsa, Oklahoma) and has guest lectured in many colleges. He is listed in the 1979 edition of Contemporary Authors, the 1979 edition of Personalities in America and the 1980 edition of Who’s Who in the South.

His missionary programs in Malawi, Africa included: church building programs, supplying Bibles and teaching literature, and supplying food and clothing for the poor. He founded Victory Christian Children’s Home and Victory Christian School to serve the orphaned children in Malawi. The school motto on the VCCH campus has become: “Educating Leaders for Malawi’s Bright Future”.

Charles and Gladys Trombley are now retired, doing well at the age of 88 and they live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  Their daughter and son-in-law, John and Darlene West are now the Directors.  It is their desire to continue the vision to help the widows and the orphans.

 Annual birthday party

Hanging out with the children

Children coming to see Agogo Charles
and Gogo Gladys