In 1991, Dr. Charles Trombley received letters from Malawian Pastors saying:  “We have so many orphans and we can’t care for them.”

The urgent need was heard and Charles Trombley Ministries opened the first orphanage in Chuta Village in the Luchenza District of Malawi, Africa.  In 1996, two years later, the ministry signed a 99 year lease with the Malawian government for 82 acres in the Thylo District, just south of Blantyre, Malawi.  With a few buildings, plenty of water and farm land, the children could now call Victory Christian Children’s Home (VCCH) their home.

Due to their age, the Trombley’s are less active.  VCCH continues under the administration of their daughter and son-in law, John and Darlene West.  

Today, VCCH continues to be a home to nearly one hundred orphans; providing God’s love in a safe environment with food, clothing, shelter and education.

Also located on the VCCH campus is Victory Christian School providing an education for children from pre-school thru senior high school.   Many Village children attend the school.  As funds are available, some of the children are provided with scholarships to attend local colleges or trade schools to further their education.

Through contributions and donations from individuals, businesses and churches, we now have more than 20 buildings, including the church tabernacle, dining hall, dormitories (hostels), staff housing and missionary housing.

Many of the current staff are VCCH Alumni, who are giving back to others from what they received. The principle of our school came to us as an orphan himself! Click on this link to read the testimony of Derek Mzima.


100% Giving Guarantee

100% of your designated donations and contributions go to the children or the designated project.
We invite you to become involved at the level that makes sense for you. We offer opportunities for Orphan Sponsorships, Student Education Funding and Project Involvement.
Operating and Administrative costs are covered by contributions designated for that purpose.
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