You Can Help

We invite you to become involved at the sponsorship level that makes sense for you. We offer opportunities for Orphan Sponsorships, Student Education Funding and Project Involvement.


Truck fund – We urgently need to replace our truck.  A Toyota Land Cruiser has been identified as the best multi-use vehicle costing approximately 54,000 US dollars.  We have received 50% of the needed funds.  All donations to the truck fund will be applied toward the truck purchase.


Operation & Administration Fund – Donations to the operation fund help cover the expenses (not covered through the Sponsorship program) for the VCCH campus and the school. This includes the buildings, Tabernacle, housing, and the farm.


Student Education Fund – This fund was established to provide the opportunity for those students that have successfully completed the high school exams.  As funds are available they are enrolled in colleges or vocational technical schools based on available funds and their capabilities.



Orphan Sponsor Program



Contact us if you are interested in the Sponsorship program.  Sponsors contribute $40 monthly.  100% of your donation goes directly to house, clothe, feed and educate the children. 


We thank you for your faithful monetary gifts to the care of our children.

We also ship an “ocean container” each spring (usually March) loaded with donations of clothing, medicines, food, farm tools, sports equipment, school supplies, and miscellaneous products. The container is loaded in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shipped to Houston Texas, then loaded on a ship to Africa. The container’s arrival at VCCH is a tremendous cause for celebration. The annual Birthday Party for the children is held in July after the container has arrived with each child’s gift box. If you would like to donate items, please contact us for additional information.  Click on this link to take you to our contact page.

If you prefer to mail a contribution, send your check to:

Charles Trombley Ministries
P. O. Box 140207
Broken Arrow, OK 74014-0002

Charismatic Teaching Ministries Inc (dba Charles Trombley Ministries) is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

Operating and Administrative costs for the Broken Arrow office are covered by contributions designated for that purpose.  

Malawi’s Future


100% Giving Guarantee

100% of your designated donations go directly to VCCH for  the children or the designated project.
We invite you to become involved at the level that makes sense for you.