Malawi is located in Southeast Africa, bordered by
 Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is about the size of Pennsylvania with a population 16.7 million. Malawi sets in a portion of the famous RIFT VALLEY that runs north / south down the length of the country. Lake Malawi occupies most the country’s eastern border. Lilongwe is the capital and Blantrye is the largest city which is located in the southern region of the country.

The official language is Chichewa. The monetary unit is the Kwacha. Exports include tea, coffee, tobacco, sugar and cotton. Life expectancy is only 52 years of age. The AIDS / HIV pandemic has hit the nation extremely hard. Leaving over a million children as orphans and leading us to answer God’s call to “care for the fatherless and widows”.

97% of Malawians have no electricity. Agriculture is the main sustanance level. The need to help these children is overwhelming. Victory Christian Childrens home is answering that call. Our campus is located a forty minute drive south of Blantyre.